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Presentation Skills Master Guide

Avoid career embarrassment, learn to master presentations. 
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Why this guide?

When we train leaders at Fortune 100s like Google, Facebook and Verizon, we encounter the devastating effects of poor confidence, which leads to filler words, which leads to ineffective communications. 

The pain of boring slides and uninspiring presentations is detrimental to your career trajectory.

We want to help everyone but recognize that most people won't be able to participate in our exclusive, high-price training programs - so we created this free guide with a simple 4 step approach to help you prepare and deliver effective presentations. 

We're confident that this public speaking tool will help you succeed but don't take our word for it, hear what others gained from their experience of working with our founder and his expert guidance...

Coaching and training partners...

Jack helped me with intensive coaching before a large audience at an important conference. As expected, it went very well. Speaking at this conference boosted my career to another level. I will be using Jack again and you should too.
George Talbot, Senior Engineer @ Google
Jack is an inspiration! His calm demeanor brings out the best in everyone by fostering growth and development. We worked with him at our Sales Conference in workshops with tailored curriculum that was relevant and personalized.
Lauren Borelli, Partner @ Canary Marketing
I worked with Jack on several company-wide presentations, my delivery and content never failed to improve and gave me confidence. He also did a presentation workshop with my team and we came out of it as better presenters.
Jim Bosiljevac, Head of Creative @ Verizon Media

Instructor Bio

Jack is a certified coach and the founding principal of ​​Light Up Ventures, a professional development firm based in Northern California.
He and his team have unique experience working with industry leaders including Marissa Mayer, as well as reputable training relationships with Google, Facebook and Verizon, along with startups, agencies and nonprofits. 
He and LUV believe it's better to give than receive, which is why they donate 12% of their revenue to nonprofits.

Guide Preview

This guide follows our comprehensive training curriculum, which on average improves public speaking confidence by 9%, presentation delivery skills by 12% and content development competence by 14%.

Check out our online Storytelling Master Course to learn more! 

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Presentation Skills Master Guide - Partner Access

Avoid career embarrassment, learn to master presentations. 
Simply log in at no cost to download the guide and take your skills to next level.